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Bruce Springsteen

About a decade ago I would sit in the window seat at a coffee shop called ‘Kalendar’ on College Street almost daily. Refill upon refill I’d down the spiced coffee while talking about life and music with other musician regulars. It became a sort of unspoken home away from home and a place of solitude and inspiration and represented the endless possibilities of our futures.

Much like the river in Bruce Springsteen’s accomplished work of the same name, it represents a centering point; and here, for his character (said to be originally written for his brother) a place that he could come back to throughout the many triumphs and challenges that come along in life. A place that symbolized hope and freedom and promise and passion even while staring in the face of personal and even economic hardships.

And though the character in his story realizes that “the river is dry” he is still lured to that place of his younger, optimistic self as a way of connecting with that hopeful spirit that keeps him going….

We all need that place. Even though I rarely find myself in that corner window seat any longer, I still use it as a landmark in my personal timeline, often remembering and learning from those conversations and individual moments so long ago now.

In this weeks Listening Booth, we recommend listening to the story, which unfolds in Bruce Springsteen’s The River. We are honoured to welcome the Boss and the world premiere of the documentary titled The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town with its gala screening as part of TIFF this Tuesday evening at Roy Thomson Hall.